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At Unforgettable Proposals we create the perfect setting for any romantic special occasion, where ever you are in Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, the Gold Coast and beyond. From anniversaries, birthdays and our specialty – romantic marriage proposals – we bring you unique, captivating packages and ideas for every occasion. Your partner will adore what we have in mind. Together, you can delight in the romance of your shared intimacy and enjoy a timeless moment.

We pride ourselves on being different to the norm with concepts designed from open minds and a wide imagination. Our goal is to provide our clients with an unparalleled service that delights all five sense and turns your engagement proposal into a magical moment.

All inclusive Diamonds

When you purchase an Engagement ring from Samantha Davies, you will receive a voucher to use towards our list of proposal experiences.


We will provide you the ring of her dreams along with an event you both will cherish. We can even look after your ring and ensure it's provided at the proposal for you - No longer do you need to worry she'll find it hidden in your sock cabinet... she'll never know!

The Day

We've worked with you on the ring, we've learnt about your love story and you have selected the proposal experience with your voucher.


Now the day has come! There is absolutely nothing to worry about, as we will be working behind the scenes to ensure everything is running smoothly for you. All you need to worry about is your magic words when you ask that special question. We look after everything from start to finish.


We take immense pride in extending our service to only a select few, which ensures that we come to know our couples not just by name, but also by their distinct personality, love story, preferences and tastes. We believe that this is what our clients aspire to and the proposal experience they demand.